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Student View without Enrollment

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Kevin McBride

How can a teacher access the student view without enrolling in the course? I would like to be able to demonstrate with a student view, but not show the teacher in the grade book or apply the teacher's performance to overall metrics.

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

The Activities tool in the Teacher app most similarly displays a students view of a course. It will allow you to browse student content the same way that a student would. 

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Kevin McBride

Thanks Brad, for the reply. The specific need I was hoping to fill was for a teacher of young children to be able to model for the students how to turn in an assignment. At the start of the year, it is necessary to walk young students through all the steps. The dropbox of an assignment is not able to be seen by the Activities tool, and I think teachers were looking for a way to show this on their view. I do believe most teachers have found the best way to do this is to just model using a student computer.

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David McHugh

This would be useful to us as well, for testing purposes.  E.g. trying to make sure that assessment visibility is working as expected.

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