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Kathryn Cerminara

Does anyone have a process for how students share permission with their teacher when using Google docs?



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Jeremy Walker

Hi Kathryn,

We've created a quick resource here in Crown Point that we've used with teachers and students: 

We also recommend that students set up a folder for each class and then use that same procedure on the folder.  Then anything that they create or drag into that folder will already have the correct settings and the students can easily use the Attach Google Document feature in Buzz and not have any issues with their teachers being able to open the documents (and it doesn't clutter the Shared with me or email feeds that way either).

Hope that helps,


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Kathryn Cerminara

Thank you very much, Jeremy.

This helps out a lot.  When students set it up this way, are teachers able to edit the Google doc and then send it back to the student in Buzz?  We are really looking forward to using this feature in Buzz, but we just want to make sure we present the information to the students correctly.  Any other suggestions for a smooth set up and ease of use?

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Jeremy Walker

Hi Kathryn,

Sorry for the delay.  If the teachers wanted to edit the docs, they would want the document to be set either so that anyone with the link could edit it or they would want it shared with them directly with edit rights.  Again, the students could be directed to control this from the folder settings to make life easier for all of them.

Keep in mind that the document linked is "live" in the sense that the students (and the teachers) could continue to change it even after submission.  If teachers prefer to have a "snapshot" of the file submitted, they would need to show students how to download their Google file as a pdf and then submit the pdf in the Buzz dropbox (btw, teachers often forget to turn on the dropbox feature--without it kids can't turn in their documents in Buzz).

Hope this helps,


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