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Matching Questions: Questions Float

Flew Flewelling

We often do picture vocabulary quizzes where the students have to match the words to the pictures.  Because of the size of the 'answers,' the students are constantly scrolling up and down to see the 'questions'.  Would it be possible to have the 'questions' float down the screen with the answers?

This has the questions at the top of the answers.

By the time I scroll to answer C, I'm already getting beyond the questions.



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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Good input, Flew. While you cannot natively do this today, you can use inline matching questions to place them wherever you want.

From the docs:

Matching questions

Matching questions must have a left- and a right-hand side of each match. Use the equal sign (=) to separate the two sides. You can leave the left side empty to create extra match items in the right column of choices. To format a choice as HTML, enclose both sides of the match with the [HTML][/HTML] tags.

Type: MT
Options: Inline
1) Match the animals with their sounds.
a. dog = woof
b. cat = meow
c. bird = chirp
d. = moo

You can also create drop-down boxes within the question text by specifying the "Inline" option above the question and drop-down list locations [----] in the question text. In this mode the match left-hand side is not displayed, but acts as the key to which box is the right answer. 1 = first, 2 = second, and so forth. In this mode you can also use the "MaintainOrder" option to preserve the choice order in the drop-down

Type: MT
Options: Inline, MaintainOrder
1) Indicate the correct animal sounds: 
The dog [----] chased the cat [----] that chased the bird [----].
a. 1 = woof
b. 3 = chirp
c. 2 = meow
d. = moo

(Advanced Assessment Editor)

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Flew Flewelling

Thanks, Brad! 

I hadn't thought about using Inline.  I put the images into a table and used the inline property.  It is what we wanted!

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