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Michael Miller

Would it be possible to add alerts to the student news feature notifying them when someone has responded to there post in a Discussion Thread? This would help to stimulate discussions as students tend not to go back and check if anyone has responded to their posts.

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Jeremy Walker

I hear this request from our teachers a lot when they are engaging in professional development courses via the system.  I'm sure that the students would find this feature helpful as well.

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Kevin McBride

I cannot express how much this would improve discussion boards in Buzz. Students need notifications of responses to their posts to keep discussions moving. I have found myself wanting to use outside forums just because this feature does not exist,

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Annette Walaszek

We would also like to see a feature where students are notified when someone replies to their discussion post. It would be best if this was an automatic email and not one of the notifications students would have to turn on in their settings. In our asynchronous courses where students have variable due dates for the discussions, this would greatly improve learner-learner interaction in our courses!

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Chad Kafka (FPS)

Yes. Yes. Yes. I just posted another discussion posting on this topic - I had not seen this one. I voted this one UP as well!

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