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Fill in the Blank-Grade any answer correct

Flew Flewelling

Is there a way to have Buzz accept any answer as correct for a Fill in the Blank question? 

Examples of when I would want to use this:

  • What is your favorite color? _______
  • Who was your lab partner?  _______

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Yes, you can do this. 

You will want to use the Short Answer (or Fill in the blank) question type. When creating the question, turn on Regular expression in Properties > Answer Type.

If you want to grant the user points for anything (or nothing) entered, then enter the following expression:


If you want the user to enter at least one letter to be granted points, then enter the following expression:


Note, you can replace the "1" with whatever minimum amount of letters you want to require the user to enter to receive full points.

Happy learning!


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Flew Flewelling

Hey Brad!

One of our math teachers asked an interesting question today.  It was sort of the opposite of this.  He would like the students to fill in a table like the following.  

I guess the question would be is there a way to code Buzz, not that it would take any answer, but that it would only take a blank answer?  

Nevermind.  I was more asking this in theory.  Practically though, it would be like the old Multiple Answer questions in Brain Honey where the students could select everything to see which answers were correct.  The better way of doing this would probably be to do true/false or yes/no for each of the answers in the table. 

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