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Details in Activities View needs more screen real estate

Implemented feature idea or fixed bug
Jeremy Walker

We think that the details button in the Activities view should bring up the screen the same way that it does when clicking on the score in the Performance Grades screen.  On the Performance page, the user gets much more viewer real state especially when viewing questions in this pop up screen than in the limited space that is available in the Activities view.  We get that going to the full screen view helps, but not much b/c it only really expands the horizontal space, not the vertical space which is more the issue here.

We also think the indicator for details on the Activities view should be more intuitive, but we aren't sure what would be better and we aren't sure if this issue is really more of a switch from BH to Buzz; in BH our students were trained to click on the score for more info so for some reason clicking on the i isn't really registering for many of them.

Thanks for considering this request.




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