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Buzz Global Accommodations- Expiration Date

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Larissa Zompolas
Your global accommodations that are available for admin users on the backend of Buzz are very useful and handy to ensure learners have what they need and apply to all courses that they are enrolled in. I think it would be a great addition if there was an expiration date that you could add to the global accommodation that you put in place. That way the accommodation would expire at the end of the school year or at the date the admin decides. The reason I would find this useful is for learners that take courses through our program and we put accommodations in place. We manually check that accommodations are deleted or reinstated after the school year is over to ensure we have updated information for learners, in case they were to re-enroll in our program years later. By allowing us to put a date that the accommodations are to expire it would take the lift off our admin to remove the accommodations from the learners that are not returning to our program or no longer need accommodations. I did see that the expiration date is available on a new global accommodation; activity passwords. I am hoping to see this added to the rest of the global accommodations in the back end of Buzz. Thanks! Larissa Z

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Trevor Williams
  • Agilix team member

Good morning Larissa!

Just for my own clarification and understanding, may I please ask why there is a need to delete accommodations after the school year versus updating the accommodations at the time that the user should re-enroll? Would the latter option present less work for administrators to perform by editing accommodations as needed rather than all of them due to the expectation that not all users who have accommodations will re-enroll at a future point? 

Thank you!

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Larissa Zompolas

Hi Trevor- 

Thank you for the question. The reason is it can get missed. When we enroll a learner we don't immediatley go in and check what accommodations are set for each learner in Buzz. If there is a note of it in our SIS then we would check. If we do it when a learner leaves our program then we know it is clean for when the learner returns. 

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