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How to create a custom Links/Bookmarks page

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

In the new Buzz UI, the previous option of "Links" (or "Bookmarks") no longer exists. We actually have a better option to provide a list of links/bookmarks to teachers coming in the future, but wanted to show a way for users to recreate the functionality in the new (and old) Buzz UI today. To do so, I am going to use a custom Menu Entry and an HTML file I created (linked below). You can use this HTML file as a template for you to create your own links. 


1. Create an HTML file with all of your links.

In this example (download this example, screenshot below), I created an HTML file named 'bookmarks.html' that has the exact same styling as the "Links" page in the old Buzz UI. It has two links in it which can be replaced or copied to add additional links. Just change the link's URL ('href'), image ('link-image'), and title ('link-title')

2. Create the custom Menu Entry

  1. In the new Buzz UI, navigate to your Domain tool as an administrator. 
  2. Select the "Resources" tab in the Domain tool.
  3. Upload your 'bookmarks.html' file.
  4. Select the "Details" tab in the Domain tool.
  5. From the "More" menu, select "Edit Settings."
  6. Select "Add" under "Menu Entries - Custom" in the "Domain Options" tab.
  7. Select the "Edit" button for the new entry.
  8. Define the ID, Order, Title, Url, and Icon for the entry. In my example, I used:
    ID = bookmarks
    Order = 11
    Title = Links
    Url = (NOTE: replace "brad" with your domain's login prefix)
    Icon = fa-external-link
  9. Select "Save"

3. Refresh your page to see the new Menu Entry in the main menu.

And, that's it. This allows you to style that 'bookmarks.html' page as you want it and representing your own brand.

Let me know if you have any questions or if this is helpful!


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