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Wendy Cooley

HI!  I have been hoping to see the Edit Bar changed in the last year since we moved to Buzz from BrainHoney.  The Buzz edit bar does not stay fixed at the top where you can see it when you scroll down the splash screen.  It is very cumbersome to scroll down, highlight the area you want to bold (for example), and then scroll back up to hit the bold button in edit.   

Please think about fixing the edit bar so that it always is viewable at the top of the screen being worked on!

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Jeremy Walker

Hi Wendy,

I might not be understanding exactly what you are saying, but if you click the button that looks like four arrows pointing at each of the four corners, that will take the editing window to full screen.  When you do that, the controls do stay at the top as you scroll down so it makes it much easier to edit.  I know that probably isn't exactly what we would all like to see, but it has eased a lot of frustrations around here once we showed folk that it was possible.

Hope this helps,


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Wendy Cooley

Thanks for that info!  That sounds like it will help a lot!


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