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Scrolling Issues

Kelly Calderone

There is a bug with scrolling in Buzz Groups and Gradebook.

When using the mouse wheel to scroll in the gradebook, the screen barely moves. It's painfully slow...pretty much unusable. I have to manually click and drag the scrollbar.

In the Groups area, it's very difficult to scroll through students. When I use my mouse wheel, it will scroll the screen all the way to the bottom. It's very difficult to scroll just little by little. It's very difficult to control it or stop it from zooming all the way to the bottom of the list. 

I'm using a Windows 10 PC computer and the Chrome browser. 

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Gideon Seaman

+1... I've noticed this scrolling issue too.

Scott Taylor

Hello Kelly,

This behavior is due to the browser's Smooth Scrolling feature. To resolve the behavior it would be recommended to disable the Smooth Scrolling feature within the browser.

Gideon Seaman

Kelly, if you are using Chrome, this feature is not readily accessible. However, if you type in chrome://flags in the omnibox, then scroll down until you see "smooth scrolling," you can disable it. 

Kelly Calderone

Gideon and Scott: Thanks for the workaround. I'd like the Agilix folks to understand, though, that this is a huge inconvenience for teachers. No other online account or management system we use has this issue, so, I think, on the Agilix side, this should be resolved. Why create ONE MORE THING for teachers to deal with? I don't know if anyone from Agilix is or has been a classroom teacher, but I would like to try to make you understand that, from a teacher's perspective, this scrolling issue is a huge inconvenience. 

Kelly Calderone

Also, disabling the smooth scrolling solves the grade book issue, but it does not solve the groups issue. 

Jeremy Walker

Kelly, have you confirmed that your zoom on the browser is set to 100% and that setting doesn't resolve the groups issue?  That usually does the trick around here when groups and gradebook lines aren't lining up.

Kevin McBride

I did check to make sure smooth scrolling was turned off and that the zoom was set to 100%. I do still have this issue. One click of the scroll wheel and I hit the bottom of the list, many times the lines are not lined up.

Kelly Calderone

Jeremy, my zoom is 100%. I wasn't having issues with things not lining up.

I (and some other teachers in my building) are having issues with scrolling in groups. When you scroll down with the mouse wheel, the screen zooms to the very bottom of the student list. I have a course with 800 students in it. When I try to scroll a little bit, the screen doesn't just go down a little bit. It starts zooming toward the end of the list. I can only stop it by trying to scroll up with the wheel. Only seems to be happening in People-->Groups

Jeremy Walker

Kelly, thanks for that additional info.  I was able to replicate that one of my own courses in my own domain so I submitted a service ticket for this.  Thanks for helping to identify the issue.  When they're able to resolve it, I'll let you know.

Jeremy Walker

Hi Kelly et al.,

The support team indicated that this scrolling issue was fixed with yesterday's update.  I'm seeing it work as expected in my own class.  Check our your own relative issues and see if they've been resolved for you too.

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