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Sam Kong

The ability to upload a SCORM package into BrainHoney was an important feature for us.

Our course author use Articulate StoryLine to create interactive courses, lessons, activities, quizzes and upload the SCORM zip file into BrainHoney. Without this feature, our content authors will revolt and call for an end for our use of Agilix.

With BrainHoney being discontinued, I’ve search for this functionality in Agilix Buzz and I didn’t see an article or feature within the system.

Is this functionality being integrated into the development roadmap for the new UI or will it no longer be supported?

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Yes, this feature will be introduced into Buzz before BH is no longer available.

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LeAnn Stewart

Do we have an ETA on this function?  I really need to test it while I have access to Storyline demo.

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hello LeAnn:

You can import a SCORM package into BrainHoney today and then access it via Buzz. However, the feature to be able to import a SCORM directly into Buzz (bypassing BrainHoney) is expected to be available in Buzz before August 2018, when BrainHoney is retired. It could be much sooner, but I don't have access to its date of release yet.

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