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Student grade changes after completion

Varshini G

 After a student has completed, if I add gradable activities to the course, the overall grade for the completed student changes. For Eg: A student had 98% on a course and is in a "Completed" status. After the completion date, I edited the course to carry a few more homework assignments. This changed the completed student's grade and brought it down from 98 to 95. Why would the system changed the grade for a completed student? The grade needs to remain unchanged for record purposes.

Hope this will be fixed.

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Juanita:

Adding new activities to a course should not impact a student with a "Completed" enrollment status if the student was not graded specifically for those activities, unless the activities are set to be "treated as zero." However, if you do intend on changing the course structure, weights, grading schema, etc. and it is not supposed to apply to previous students, it is recommended to copy the course for the new cohort. 

Also, in the Final Grades tool, there is a way for a teacher to assign a final letter grade to an enrollment, which will stay locked regardless of course changes. 

If, according to what I have stated, this is still not working correctly, I would recommend having your support contact create a ticket for us with the student information for us to further investigate it.

Thank you.

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Varshini G

Thank you  Brad! I will try the final grade and see if that works!

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Varshini G

Hi Brad, I have tried the final grade option but the percentage completion and the grade percentage still changes/reduces according to the number of gradable activities we are adding to the course. This is happening to all of our "Completed" kids in all the courses where we are making changes, not to just one or two. To note: We are not chagrining the grading Schema or Weighted categories. We are just adding a test or a Homework assignment to an existing category.

Can this be fixed?


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