How do I use Domain activity passwords?

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Domain activity passwords can be used to grant a user access to any password-protected activity in the domain without requiring the activity's individual password. Users are prompted to enter a password only when an individual password is set up for the activity in the activity editor's Visibility and access card.

Domain activity passwords:

  • Can be used to open any password-protected activity in a domain.
  • Can be used in addition to the activity's individual password(s).
  • Are intended to allow teachers or other staff to unlock any activity for a student (for example, when proctoring an assessment), and should not be shared with students.
  • Are not inherited by subdomains.

To create and enable a Domain Activity password:

  1. Open More menu in the Admin > Domain tool.
  2. Click Set activity password.
  1. Enter the New password and Confirm it.
  2. Click Set.

Once a Domain activity is set, you can find it, remove it, and/or change it using the same window.


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