[Beta] How do I set up Grade passback for my SIS sync (with OneRoster)?

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  • This is a beta feature; we welcome your feedback as you test it out. If you encounter complications, please contact your  SIS administrator and/or Agilix account manager to verify correct implementation and usage.
  • Grade passback is not currently optimized for use with Buzz's Standards-based grading or Multi-outcome scoring models. Activity scores, including performance on each standard/outcome, can be sent; however, any mapping or weights applied to the standards/outcomes may not be applied.

Buzz allows you to set up Grade passback to your SIS using the 1EdTech (formerly IMS) OneRoster specification, which can save your teachers time and keep grades current for students.

1. Configure your OneRoster SIS sync

In ordert to use Grade passback in Buzz you must first create your course, students, and enrollments using the OneRoster standard, and use it to configure your SIS Sync in Buzz: How do I sync with Student Information Systems (SIS) in Buzz?

2. Configure your Grade passback settings

There are three ways you can configure Grade passback in Buzz:

  • API sync uses OneRoster's api and allows you to manage the setup without uploading a .zip
  1. In the Admin app, open the More menu.
  2. Select SIS sync.
  1. Select Edit settings.
  1. On the SIS settings card, click the Allow grades to be sent to the SIS box. This enables teachers to manually select and send grades to the SIS.
  2. Provide the following values:
    • SIS name (enter the name of the SIS).
    • API Base URL (acquire from your SIS).
    • Authentication method:
    • If you select Key and secret, provide:
      • API Key (acquire from your SIS).
        • API Secret (acquire from your SIS).
        • API Token URL (optional, acquire from your SIS).
      • If you select Access token, you need only to provide the Access token (acquire from your SIS).
  3. Check the Send new grades automatically box if you want each activity grade to be synced as soon as it receives a new score.
    • This is best for Continuous enrollment courses where students are meant to complete activities at their own pace rather than according to a set schedule. 
  4. The Use custom data for passing grades back to the SIS option is an advanced setting that allows for users, courses, and enrollments to be created through a different method than the SIS Sync while using Grade passback to send grades to the schools SIS.
    • Note: Most users don't need this setting. If you think you do, contact Agilix support or your representative.
  5. Use the Excluded domains dropdown to select any subdomains in which you don't want Grade passback enabled.

3. How teachers configure and sync grades

Once you have configured your domain for Grade passback, your teachers automatically see two buttons appear in their Gradebook > Tools menu:

  • Sync grades settings
  • Sync grades to SIS

Help your teachers use this tool: How do I sync grades to my SIS (with OneRoster)?


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