How do I map licensed content to my OneRoster course?

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Buzz supports the rostering of users, courses, enrollments, and observers through the 1EdTech (formerly IMS) OneRoster specification. The sync makes rostering easy, automated, and secure.

OneRoster is a 1EdTech specification for exchanging data between systems. Commonly, this exchange will happen between the student information system (SIS) and the learning management system (LMS). Buzz supports OneRoster 1.1.

Only Buzz users with the Administrator role in the domain can set up and review SIS sync information.

Once you've set up your sync settings and uploaded your OneRoster courses, you may need to map each uploaded course's information to the existing corresponding courses in Buzz.

To do this:

  1. Open the Admin > Courses screen.
  1. Both the existing courses and the newly uploaded OneRoster courses appear in your Courses list.
    • Note: You may need to uncheck the Active courses only box.
    • Note: If you haven't already created a derivative copy of the courses that match, you should do that at this point.  
  2. Open one of the OneRoster courses by clicking its Course ID.
  1. Cut the External ID from this course and save it (you will need it later).
  2. Add DELETE to the beginning of the course title, so you can easily search for it later.
  3. Save and return to the Courses screen.
  1. Click on the Course ID for the course which has the content associated with the ony you just modified.
  1. Paste the External ID you copied above into this course's External ID field.
  2. Save.
  1. Repeat Steps 3-9 for each course you need to map.
  2. Upload your OneRoster .zip file again to sync. Because Buzz OneRoster implementation specifically looks at external IDs when syncing, Buzz recognizes that the course with the newly pasted external ID needs to have the title update, and relinked to all of the derivative copies (classes.csv in the OneRoster package).
  3. Return to the Admin > Courses screen, filter the results using DELETE, and bulk delete the originally uploaded courses.

Once your courses are mapped, they will correctly sync moving forward.


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