How do I review and compare Domain settings usage across different domains?

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Domain settings allows you to customize your domain to best suit your district or organization. One of the powerful features of Buzz's domain/subdomain architecture is the ability to configure settings that can be inherited or not by subdomains.

Buzz includes two tools to help manage these inheritance relationships:

Applied domain settings

This tool displays the current domain's full Domain settings in read-only XML format, including any settings inherited from "parent" domains and the source domain's ID. You can compare these settings with another domain's settings, and any differences are highlighted.

  1. Open the More menu in Domain details, and select Applied domain settings.
  1. You can review the Application settings or XLI settings. Notice that the source-domainID is identified for each setting.
  2. Click Compare with domain.
  1. Choose the domain you want to compare with and click Compare.
  1. Differences between the compared domains are highlighed in different colors, so you know which data belongs to which domain.

Domain setting usage

This tool allows you to select a specific setting defined in the current domain's Domain settings and run a search to see if that setting exists in the subdomains.

  1. Open the More menu in Domain details, and select Domain setting usage.
  1. Here, you can select the specific Application setting or XLI setting to see if it exists in this domain's subdomains.
  2. When you've selected the desired setting, click Show usage.
  3. The results include:
    • The setting's XML configuration.
    • The number of subdomains with matching settings and the number without.
    • A list of all of the current domain's subdomains. Subdomains that share the setting have a blue checkmark, and those that don't, have a red X.

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