How do I run reports in the Other tab?

Ryan Richins
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The Other tab in the Reports tool allows you to access and run reports that are specific to your domain and go beyond the default reports in Buzz.

To run these reports, open Reports from the Main Menu, select Other, and follow these steps:

  1. Open the Report to run dropdown, select the report you want, and click Next. Notice that Buzz provides the Scope (course or domain) of the chosen report as well as a brief Description of the data it returns.
  1. Enter report parameters; the required parameters (e.g., domain, date range, course ID) vary by report. Some reports may require you to pick a domain or course before entering the parameters.
  1. Click Export CSV to return your results as comma-separated values (CSV) in a spreadsheet.

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Aaron Profitt

Is there a way to get reported grades from the final grade report? I don't see that option currently...

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Aaron!

Could you expound what you are expecting to see in the reports as "reported"? We currently provide exports within the Admin / Teacher App and through the Gradebook. Through the gradebook export scores function is an option for "reported" that you can include in the export. 

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Aaron Profitt

By "reported" I mean grades as adjusted by teachers before they submit. I know individual teachers can include this in exports. But I am looking for an admin-level export that includes these adjusted grades. To date I can only find a way to export calculated grades, which don't show any adjustments teachers make.

An example would be if a teacher "curves" final grades in a course prior to submitting. I've been unable to find a way to export those administratively. This would make integration with our SIS much simpler!

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