How do I run Test Analytics Reports?

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To run Test Analytics Reports, open Reports from the Main Menu, select Test Analytics, and follow the numbered steps:

  1. Choose a course: Enter or browse to the desired course.
  1. Choose an assessment: Find the desired assessment in the second field.
  1. Filter the data: Choose to Include past enrollments if you want. If you don't check the box, only active enrollments are run.
  1. View the results: Click Run Report to review the results. If there aren't enough graded activities, you receive the following message instead of analytics: To protect student privacy, statistics are not available until grading has been completed for more students.

Review Test Analytics results

Test Analytics Reports include:

  1. Statistics, which lists the significant data, like values for the passing threshold, mean, median, standard deviations, and quartiles.
  2. Frequency of Grades, which breaks the data down and represents it according to the course's grading scheme.
  3. Question Item Analysis, which illustrates item difficulty and discrimination performance for each question and allows users to see how the each question answer impacts score. You can hover over the icons to see what they indicate.
    • Icons: The crossed arrows icon means "low discrimination," meaning that students who performed well overall had a harder time  with this question. The exclamation point icon means that most students answered the question incorrectly. Hover over the icons for more information.  
    • Learn more about item difficulty and discrimination here; keep in mind, however, that Buzz uses Spearman's Correlation, and not the Pearson Product Moment correlation that is described in that article.
  1. Proficiency by Learning Objective, which breaks the performance data down by learning objectives.
  2. Proficiency by Student, which breaks objective performance down by student.
  1. Export CSV, which downloads the student data in a comma-separated value (CSV) file. From the Report to export dropdown, you can choose from the following export options to specify the data you want run: Test Scores, Item Responses, Item Analysis, Learning Objective Mastery, and Student Proficiency.
  2. Start over, which clears the report, so you can run a new one.

Master course Test Analytics Reports

If you run the report on a Master course, a Proficiency by Course section replaces the Proficiency by Student section and breaks down objective proficiency by derivative courses. In this case, the Export CSV button downloads the course data.

Master course Test Analytics Reports

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