How do I manage domain announcements?

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Domain announcements are sent to everyone in your domain and can include everyone in your subdomains.

When a new announcement is sent, users get a notification in the Communications icon in their toolbar and on their Home page next to Announcements.

Announcements remain in the Communications tool for users until the assigned End date passes.

Create domain announcements

To create a domain announcement:

  1. Open the Domain tool from the Main Menu and select Announcements from the tabs bar.
  2. Click the New [plus sign] button in the toolbar.
  1. Complete the New Announcement window:  
    • The To field in the New Announcement window is automatically populated with your domain for you.
    • Provide a Start date and an End date for the announcement; check the Display indefinitely box if you don't want an end date.
    • Check the Domain wide box if you want the announcement posted to descendant domains.
    • Complete the Subject field with a summary of the message.
    • Complete the body of the message with the rich text editor.
  2. Click Post.

Manage existing announcements

From the Announcements tab in the Domain tool, you can:

  1. Review and edit an existing announcement by clicking its link in the Subject column.
  2. Delete existing announcements by checking their checkboxes and selecting Delete in the More menu in the toolbar.
  3. Click Select expired in the More menu to automatically select announcements with End dates that have passed.
  4. Create and post new announcements.

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