How do I manage domain resources?

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Domain resources is where files being used within the domain are stored (files for Content templates, Assessment templates, branding components, avatars, etc.). In most cases, the UI provides places to upload files, so you don't have to use domain resources, but it's good to know where you can access, preview, and manage them.

Open Resources from the Domain tool tabs bar to access your domain resources. From this screen, you can:

  1. Navigate to individual resource folders using the folder dropdown.
  2. Filter the results displayed.
  3. Upload New resources.
  4. Check the boxes next to existing resources that you want to Move and/or Delete, then open the vertical menu in the toolbar to complete the task.
  5. Open the toolbar in the menu to create a New folder or Delete folder.
  6. Click the resource to open it.

Preview and Edit resources

when you click on a resource it opens a window where you can:

  1. Preview it.
  2. Download it.
  3. Review it's History
  4. Edit it.

Uploading resources

To upload a resource:

  1. Open Resources from the Domain tool.
  2. Select the folder into which you want to put the files, or create a new folder for them by clicking the plus icon.
  3. Click the Upload [plus sign] button in the toolbar.

  4. Click Choose, give it a Name, and select Upload for each file you want added to resources.
Uploading resources

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