How do I create a new subdomain?

Ryan Richins
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  1. Open the Domain tool from the Main Menu, and click Subdomains in the tabs bar.
  2. Click the New [plus sign] button in the toolbar.
  1. Provide the new subdomain's:
    • Name as you want it to appear for users in the app (required).
    • Userspace, which becomes the first part of the subdomain's URL: [Userspace] (required).
    • External ID, which is any ID needed to align the subdomain with an external program or application (optional).
  2. Click Create.


  • To delete a subdomain, check its box on the Subdomains screen and click Delete; check multiple boxes to delete more than one at a time.
  • To create a subdomain within a subdomain, click the Domain ID and follow the same process outlined above.

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Steve Du

Hi! I'm trying to create a subdomain to put graduated students, but I get an error message: "Unable to create domain." See screenshots below. It looks like I have all the Domain Permissions, so what am I doing wrong or missing?

Thanks for your help!

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Steve, if you would have expanded the error message, it should have communicated to you:

The userspace (login prefix) may only contain alphanumeric characters and dashes, may not start or end with a dash, and must contain an alphabetic letter somewhere.

In other words, you cannot use an underscore in your userspace.

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