How do I use the Objectives tool?

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Learning objectives are statements that describe what a student should learn, know, or be able to do after completing a learning activity. Objectives can be defined by organizations, schools, course authors, etc. Most U.S. states define standard objectives in K-12 subjects, but not all states define the same sets of objectives.

The Objectives tool allows you to create, delete, search, and edit:

  1. Objective Sets, which are collections of objectives that belong together. Objective Sets help organize your objectives, as you may need different sets for different purposes.
    • Example: You may want to include standard objectives from two different states.
  2. Objective Maps, which allow you correlate objectives from different Objective Sets, so you can align activities and questions the appropriate objectives from those different sets.
    • Example: If Objective 1 from Objective Set 1 covers simliar criteria as Objective 2 from Objective Set 2, and you need students to meet both, you would correlate those objectives, so when students meet the criteria, both objectives are marked as having been met. This is most frequently done to align state standards with a national standard.

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