How do I use the Courses tool?

Ryan Richins
  • Agilix team member

The Courses tool default screen displays courses in the domain and allows you to:

  • Show Active courses only.
  • Create, delete, import, update, and search courses.
  • Edit courses' titles, external IDs, terms, date ranges, and schedule type (continuous or traditional).
  • Click a Course ID to access a Course screen, from which you can:
    • Use the toolbar button to Edit courses' titles, external IDs, terms, and schedule type (date range or continuous).
    • Use the toolbar buttons to navigate to that course's Activities, Performance, Curriculum Map, and People tools in the teacher app.
    • Navigate to the course's Domain or Base Course screens.
    • Create, delete, import, search, update, and edit a course's Enrollments. You can also click each Enrollment ID for more information and to add, delete, or import observers. Clicking a User ID opens its User screen, which is described in the Users tool section.
    • Add, remove, search, and edit course Subscribers.  


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