How do I use the Domain tool?

Ryan Richins
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Create, configure, and customize your domain

Domain toolbar

From the Domain toolbar, you can manage elements of the current domain using:

  • Edit to change the domain's name and external ID.
  • Move to relocate the domain.
  • Settings to edit a variety of domain settings.
  • Blackout to specify the dates you don't want included when calculating due dates for continuous enrollment courses in your domain. You can also indicate whether you want courses to be able to override these limitations.
  • Enrollments and Observers to import each kind of data as tab-delimited or comma-separated values (.csv) files.
  • Assessment PW to create a password that grants access to all password protected assessments in the domain. This password works in addition to each assessment's original password; it doesn't replace them. Domain-wide passwords are not inherited by subdomains.
Domain toolbar

Accessibility notes

Four inline help items appear within the Settings toolbar button that are not currently supported by screen readers:

  • In the Landing Content section of the Domain Options tab: Buzz shows the content provided here to users of the selected applications after login. Learn more.
  • In the Landing Standards section of the Course Options tab: Provide a comma-separated list of national, state, and district standard sets for course importing. Available sets include CCSS, NGSS, and state standards as two letter codes. Learn more.
  • In the Authentication section of the Integrations tab next to the Allow users to create their own accounts option: You must provide a code (token) to end-users so that they can create their own accounts. Learn more.
  • In the Authentication section of the Integrations tab next to the Set password policy option: Complete these fields to define your password policy. The duration fields require ISO designators, such as P60D for 60 days or PT15M for 15 minutes. Learn more.

Domain tool tabs

Use the Domain tool to:

  • Create, delete, and search Subdomains.
  • Create, delete, and search Roles.
  • Grant, revoke, import, and edit user Permissions.
  • Add, remove, search, and edit user or domain Subscribers.
  • Add, remove, search, and manage your domain's Subscriptions to other domains or courses.
  • Create, delete, search, and edit domain Announcements.
  • Upload, delete, search, and manage domain Resources.
  • Review domain Usage data to learn how many first-time logins have been registered in the domain during the license's timeframe and the personas they're associated with. This tab only opens for users with appropriate permissions.
Domain tool tabs


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