How do I manage a user's enrollments?

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To access a user's Enrollments screen:

  1. Open the Users tool from the Main Menu.
  2. Click the user's User ID.
  3. Select Enrollments from the tabs bar.

Add new enrollments

To add a new enrollment:

  1. Click the New [plus sign] button in the toolbar.
  1. Provide the following:
    • The course name or ID to search the current domain; to search all domains and/or browse through the courses you have access to, click the list (browse) icon at the far right of the User field (required). If you want to enroll the user in more than one course, click Add Another.
    • The desired Role (required).
    • The desired Status (required).
    • A Start Date and an End Date for the enrollment (optional).
    • An External ID, which is any ID needed to align the enrollment with an external program or application (optional).
    • Click Permission Details to see which permissions are granted by a selected role; if you want to create a custom role, check the boxes next to the permissions that you want included. Permissions granted here are applicable only for the specified course.
  2. Click Create.
Add new enrollments

Manage existing enrollments

You can also use this screen to manage and import enrollments.

  1. To edit or add observers to an enrollment, click the Enrollment ID.
  2. To see a course's enrollment details in the Course tool, click the Course ID.
  3. To delete an enrollment, check its box and click Delete; check multiple boxes to delete more than one at a time.
  4. To review and restore deleted enrollments, click Restore.
  5. To update multiple enrollments' Status (active/inactive), Role, Start Date, or End Date at once, check their boxes and click Bulk Update. These are permanent changes, so be careful.
  6. To import enrollments using a tab-delimited or comma-separated file, click Import and browse to the file on your computer. You can also import enrollments by clicking the ticket (enrollments) icon in the Domain tool's toolbar.

Edit existing enrollments

To edit an active enrollment:

  1. Open the Users tool from the Main Menu.
  2. Click the user's User ID.
  3. Select Enrollments from the tabs bar.
  4. Select the Enrollment ID for the desired course.
  1. Make the desired changes and Save.

Enrollment History

When an enrollment is selected, the History tab allow admins to review changes made to that enrollment.

  1. Click the View options (when available) to see the old and new values.
  2. Click Changes to see changed settings.
  3. Click Details to see current settings.

Bulk update

Buzz allows you to update certain enrollment components in bulk. To do so:

  1. Check the boxes for the enrollments you want to update and select Bulk update.
  1. Edit the following settings by checking the appropriate box and making the desired changes:
    • Status
    • Role
    • Start date
    • End date
  2. Bulk updates are permanent and should be handled very carefully to ensure you are editing the correct courses. Because of this, Buzz requires you to check the box reading:
    • I have verified that the enrollments I am about to permanently update are the correct ones, and I confirm that I want to update them with the field values shown above.
  3. Once you have checked this box, click Update.

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Shaun Creighton

We are in the process of cleaning up some duplicate teacher accounts and had a few questions about enrollments. In one case, we have a teacher who has 3 different Buzz accounts (with slightly different usernames or in different userspaces) and we're trying to consolidate them into one account ... but each of those accounts does have teacher enrollments in courses. These courses are not active because they have completed, but we're wondering:

  • Does deleting the teacher account have a negative impact on the course, even if the course has long been completed?
  • If so, is it possible to use the UpdateEnrollments command in the API to "move" the enrollments from two of the teacher's accounts to the one we want to keep, and then delete the other two? I see that userid is a parameter for the command, but I can't tell if that would actually move the enrollment to a new user ID (and if so, would that cause any negative consequences).


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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey @Shaun, good Monday!

Deleting a teacher account does not have any negative impact upon inactive courses. In other words, no data is lost. However, if the teacher has been deleted, then if the student looks at their grade history it will just show the user's ID that graded them, not the name of the user.

But, you can use the UpdateEnrollments API to move enrollments between two different users. For example, update the enrollment and change the user ID. By changing the user ID from the old user account to the new teacher user account, it will be as nothing changed and the the single user account will have access to all of their previous enrollments.

Does this help?

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Shaun Creighton

We would like to be able to grant students in completed Buzz courses the ability to see their past performance in these courses (e.g., overall letter grade, percentage, etc.) WITHOUT being able to go back and dive into course content. This would almost serve as a "transcript" of sorts ... just a list of courses and their grades. Right now, it seems like we can give students access to the whole completed course (including the course content, assessments, etc.) or nothing at all. I've tried enrollment statuses of Completed, Withdrawn, Inactive, and Suspended ... all of them seem to give access to the course content (without being able to submit anything new).

Is there some type of enrollment status or perhaps user role (or combination thereof) that would give students the ability to see their performance in a course without being able to access the content of the course itself?

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member


Currently it is our intent to allow students to see past courses for which they are enrolled in. You may deleted a student's enrollment to prevent the student from viewing the course in their past courses page. Another option is to make the activities contain a password to access them which may be changed after students have completed the class preventing them from viewing activity content. 

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