How do I run User Activity Reports?

Ryan Richins
  • Agilix team member

Generate User Activity Reports to get a high-level perspective on users' time spent in Buzz

To run User Activity Reports:

  1. Open Reports from the Main Menu and select User Activity Reports.
  2. Select the appropriate radio button indicating whether you want to run the report for a specific User or Domain.
    • If you select User, enter the user name or ID and choose the type of data you want to generate:
      • Login & Logout Times requires you to provide a date range.
      • Enrollment Activity Details aggregates activity from all user enrollments.
    • If you select Domain, enter the domain name or ID, provide a date range, and choose which type of users you want to return data for.
      • If you select Users with Activity, indicate the Maximum number of users for whom you want results returned and check the box(es) next to the type(s) of data you want to generate:
        • Login & Logout Times reports data for teachers and students.
        • Enrollment Activity Summary reports time spent for student enrollments. With this option, you can choose to Include past enrollments by checking the box.
      • If you select Users without Activity, indicate the date range you want the report to cover.
  3. Click Export CSV to create the specified report as a spreadsheet-friendly file.

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Kevin Healy

Is there currently a way, or are there plans, to allow an administrator to see courses teachers are currently using and courses they have subscriptions to?

It would be useful to be able to find a teacher (or every teacher in a domain) and see which courses they are accessing through subscriptions. On the BrainHoney admin dashboard there are a few reports that allow something similar, such as enrollment report, but is there a plan to migrate them to Buzz?

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Great question, Kevin. Currently there is no UI to be able to view a teacher's effective subscriptions. If you look at the user details in the Admin app, you can see that particular's users direct subscriptions and enrollments (see How do I use the Users tool?). However, that user could have additional subscriptions inherited through a domain (see How do I use the Domain tool?). 

I would recommend that you request this feature, with more details, in the Buzz: Product Feedback forum.

Gideon Seaman

Is there a way to change the default reporting time from seconds to minutes? I know I can do a simple formula to change the time to minutes once it's in Excel, but it would be great to have that information automatically in minutes. Thanks!

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Gideon, this is not currently supported. We had originally done it in minutes but came across a couple of challenges. If we did minutes, then there would definitely be decimals introduced. In some cases, the decimals were so long that it wasn't easily readable and users ended up having to use Excel to truncate it. We experimented rounding but then you lost some data. We ended up on seconds because that is the most granular while keeping it legible and without losing any data.

If we were to provide minutes, how would you recommend it be exported?

Gideon Seaman

Hi Brad--thanks for your response! Personally, I think that rounding to the nearest 10th would be sufficient. When you are talking a 10th of a minute, 6 seconds is an "acceptable loss of data." If you were more concerned about this loss, you could extend it to a 100th of a minute and round it. This would be even more accurate. From what I hear from principals, this would be more useful. Just my $.02! :) 

Denny Hammond

I am running a report to determine how many hours each student has spent in each of my classes for the month of August.  I am not sure what the 'numbers' that show up in the excel document actually represent.....  Can anyone help with this?  So if I enter 8/31/16, what does the number that shows up in that column in the excel report represent exactly?

Scott Taylor
  • Agilix team member

If you are running the User Activity report for the domain overall with the options of "Users with Activity" and "Enrollment Activity Summary" it will display the amount of time each user has spent (in seconds) in the course during the time frame specified. The file export should have headers for each column to state what information is in each column.

Denny Hammond

I am in reports and went to: Student--> Teacher --> Selected two dates --> and under filters chose Time Spent per student.  

My assumption is that if I run this report, I could find the difference between the two dates to find the 'total time' for a given range.  However, the numbers do not seem to be working out.  

I tried using the dates 8/31/16 and 10/1/16.  However, finding the difference between these two numbers does not seem to match up.  In fact, for some students I will see data for the first date but not the second date.  This makes me question the data for many reasons....but for one, the number should at least be as much in the second date as the first date....right?  

I feel like there may be some nuances to getting accurate data in this report that I am not aware of.  Could you help?  I attached a picture of what I am querying.

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Denny, what you are experiencing doesn't appear to be correct. For us to better evaluate the issue you are having, could you reach out to your support representative at FLVS for them to create a ticket request for us to better investigate it? 

Denny Hammond

Will do.  Thank you for the quick reply.

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