How do I integrate Buzz and Google Drive?

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Google integration options

Buzz enables two types of integration with Google:

  • Automatic integration with Google Drive (covered in this article): Most Buzz domains are automatically integrated with Google Drive, allowing users to use Google Drive documents in Buzz as long as they have a Google account. This integration does not include collaborative tools.
  • G Suite integration (Learn more): This integration requires more setup, requires users to have a Gmail address attached to their Buzz account, and enables collaborative tools.

Automatic integration

We know that a seamless and secure Google Drive integration is imperative to many of our Buzz users. Previously, each customer had to obtain their own Google Client ID and set up their own integrations (learn more). On Nov. 2, 2017, our integration was updated so that all domains automatically inherit and use a top-level, Google-approved integration with Buzz.

What does this mean for you?

While this update significantly eased the integration process moving forward, customers that were already integrated with Google Drive have to make some minor changes.

  • If are a new customer and/or HAVE NOT set up your own Buzz/Google Drive integration, you don't have to do anything. You will automatically inherit and start taking advantage of Buzz's top-level integration. Users are asked to sign into their Google account in order to access your documents.

End-users will notice a new option in the User Menu allowing them to Logout of Google Drive):

  • If you are a partner with your own URL and deployment, this update does not impact you. Feel free to contact your Agilix account manager with questions.

If you have any questions, please contact your system admins, Agilix support, and/or your Agilix account manager.

Google Drive integration may require you to allow popups from Buzz

End-users who attempt to attach a google document without first logging into Google must allow pop-ups from the Buzz site to allow Google to prompt them for their Google Drive credentials. If pop-ups are blocked, end-users get an “Unable to communicate with Google Drive” error in Buzz.

To allow popups from Buzz, click the "pop-up blocked" icon in your address bar, click the "Always allow pop-ups from ..." radio button, and click Done.


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