Admin tool breakdown

Ryan Richins
  • Agilix team member

Get to know your toolbox

Open your Main Menu to navigate to any of the following tools:  

  • Domain: Use this tool to manage your domain and its subdomains, permissions, subscribers, subscriptions, announcements, and resources.
  • Users: Use this tool to manage your domain's users and their enrollments, domain permissions, subscriptions, observed enrollments, and observed users.
  • Courses: Use this tool to manage your domain's courses and their enrollments and subscribers.
  • Objectives: Use this tool to create and manage objectives, objective sets, and objective maps.  
  • Reports: You can run Gradebook, Student, Mastery, User Activity Reports, and Test Analytics Reports for courses in your domain. These reports provide high-level perspectives on student performance and course effectiveness.
  • Communication: Access domain announcements using the Communication tool.

Admin toolbar static features

There are a few toolbar features that are always present in the Admin app. 

  1. Use the Main Menu to navigate between app tools.
  2. The Domain Chooser dropdown displays the name of the domain you are currently using. Open it to see domain IDs and/or navigate to a different domain or subdomain.
  3. Click Announcements to open the Communication tool and see announcements.
  4. Click Search to find a specific Domain, User, and/or Course by name or ID.  
  5. Click Full Screen to collapse and expand toolbar elements to accomodate your device.
  6. Use the User Menu to logout, learn more, and manage your user settings, themes, and password.
Admin toolbar static features


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