How do I remove inherited customization settings?

Ryan Richins
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Administrators can customize a domain in the Configure tool to meet their institution’s needs.

Most customizations are inherited, or rolled down, to subdomains. This is a great benefit for an institution that manages many domains and wants some settings to be used by all of the domains. However, in some cases, an inherited setting is not desired.

To remove inherited settings, simply navigate to the subdomain and change the setting in question. This impacts that subdomain and any domains downline from it.

The following settings are not inherited by subdomains:

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Aileen Sweeney

It worked for 2 out 3 bookmarks. When I reviewed the Validate Configuration Results it still showed one unwanted bookmark. The problem is that the original bookmark did not contain a URL as a key and now the Configuration Results is showing that the key is URL instead of TITLE
"bookmark-list": {
"key": "url",
"bookmark": [
"title": "New Course Wizard",
"role": "reporter",
"bhcomponent": "TeachACourse"

Below is the code that went in as the very original settings.xml for the 3 bookmarks we wanted to remove
<bookmark title="Calendar"
bhcomponent="Calendar" icon="Calendar.svg">
<bookmark title="OHM Trainings"
url="" icon="bookmark_ohm_trainings_400x400.png">
<bookmark title="Admin Tools"
bhcomponent="AdminDomainDetail" icon="bookmark_admin_tools_400x400.png">
<option name="domainid" value="2188200"/>
<bookmark title="New Course Wizard"
role="teacher|admin" icon="bookmark_teach_course_wizard_400x400.png"

Aileen Sweeney

The solution does not work for any bookmark list that has a key of URL and for which there are individual bookmarks that did not contain a url value, such as those that have bhcomponent value set. The key and value of URL for our Bookmark list seems to have been auto populated and was not specified in the settings.xml either. The documentation did not show a sample where you could indicate the primary key for a bookmark list to be either URL or Title.

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

That is correct, Aileen. In the separate discussion you created, I indicated that you would need to define a new key. This would allow for each of the individual items to be removed by a key that is consistent across each of entries. We are looking into a way to change the default key for bookmarks so that is is a value that is required to be used, thus not forcing the user to define a new key.

<bookmark-list key="title">
     <bookmark title="Admin Tools" remove-item="true" />
     <bookmark title="New Course Wizard" remove-item="true" />
     <bookmark title="Calendar" remove-item="true" />
Aileen Sweeney

Okay, by adding key="title" to the bookmark-list and the remove-item="true" to each of the bookmarks I wanted to delete, I was able to remove all of them even those that were for bhcomponents
<bookmark-list key="title">
<bookmark title="New Course Wizard" role="reporter" bhcomponent="TeachACourse" remove-item="true" />

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Wondeful! And as an FYI, since the "key" is "title", you only need to declare that and not the "role" or "bhcomponent" when wanting to remove an inherited setting. So, in your code snippet, it could just be:

<bookmark-list key="title">
     <bookmark title="New Course Wizard" remove-item="true" />
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