How do I proxy as another user?

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"Signing in as proxy for another user" means that you have access and permissions to everything that user has, so it's important to use this feature responsibly.

Proxy permissions

In order to proxy as a user:

  • You have to have domain proxy permissions in the same domain as the User you want to proxy as and their Enrollments (this could mean you need proxy permissions in more than one domain; if the User ID and Enrollment ID are in different domains, you need permissions to both).
  • You have to have the same (or more) permissions granted to you as that user has.

To sign in as proxy for another user:

  1. Open the User Menu.
  2. Click Proxy.
  1. Enter:
    • The proxy username or ID when signing in for a user in the same domain.
    • The proxy domain prefix, a forward slash, and the proxy username or ID when signing in for a user in a different domain (e.g., "DemoDomain/StudentName").
  2. Click OK.

When you are signed in as someone's proxy, the User Menu your profile picture in the overlaying the user you're proxying for. To turn off the proxy, click Unproxy in the User Menu.

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