How do I access a student’s Self Assessments?

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Buzz allows students to evaluate their understanding, interest, and effort in a course and communicate the results easily to a teacher.

To see a student’s Self Assessment:

  1. Select the course you want by clicking its Course Card on the Home page.
  1. Click the Heart button in the toolbar.
  2. Review the student’s current color-coded assessments:
    • Understanding
      • Red = Lost
      • Yellow = OK
      • Green = Competent
      • Blue = Expert
    • Interest
      • Red = Bored
      • Yellow = OK
      • Green = Interested
      • Blue = Very Interested
    • Effort
      • Red = Slacking
      • Yellow = OK
      • Green = Trying
      • Blue = 100%

Honest student self-assessments can create opportunities for you to collaborate with a student to identify needs and help improve their experience and progress.


  • You’ll notice that you can access the Heart button from the toolbar whenever you have a specific course selected.
  • The Heart button is multi-colored to indicate the most recent self-assessment.

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