How do I view a student’s progress?

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The Performance tool enables you to track your progress in many specific areas.

View progress overviews for all courses on one screen

To view a student's progress, open the Grades tool from the top section of the Main Menu.

If the student is enrolled in multiple courses, Buzz shows you an overview of their progress in all of their courses and past courses, including:

  • Their Self Assessment heart indicator for each course; click them to make changes.
  • Their overall score.
  • Their overall progress on completing gradable activities.
  • Their overall progress on completing all activities.

The toolbar on this screen allows you to:

  1. Print this summary.
  2. Modify what is displayed in the table using Options; click the column headers to sort the data by that category. The column options include:
    • The course Picture
    • Enrollment Start Date
    • Enrollment End Date
    • Days Left in the course
    • Self Assessment
    • Score
    • Teacher(s)
    • Progress on gradable activities
    • Progress on all activities
View progress overviews for all courses on one screen

View progress details for each course

To view detailed progress in a course, select the course from the Main Menu and click Grades. Here, you find:

  • The Grades view displays detailed progress information. If the course uses periods and/or categories, you can choose to view the information organized by Periods and Categories or Syllabus Order. From this view, you can also print student grades. The detailed progress information includes:
    • The course's teacher(s) (if set up to show it).
    • How many days are left in the course (and an alert when it's almost over if set up for it).
    • A student's overall percentage.
    • A student's percentage of completed gradable activities, overall activities, and quizzes.
    • The due date, submission date, status, and a student's individual score on every graded activity.
  • The Dashboard view shows the student info card.
  • The For Me view, which displays any activities the student has created or chosen for themself as well as activities the teacher has created specifically for them.
  • The What If view, which helps you calculate possible grade outcomes (not available in Multi-Outcome Scoring courses).
  • The Activity view, which displays each activity the student has worked in, when they started working on it, and how long they’ve spent in it.
  • The Objective Mastery view, which displays each learning objective, each aligned activity, and how well the student seems to be mastering those objectives. 
    • Note: This tab does not appear if the course author has not defined objectives for the course. Contact the course's teacher if you should have access to this tab, but it doesn't appear. 
  • The Analytics view, which breaks down the overall performance of the class as a whole (not available in Multi-Outcome Scoring courses).
  • The Badges view, which displays any awards a student has earned.
  • The Settings view (available only for continuous enrollment courses), which lets you change the course's end date that Buzz uses to schedule activity due dates.
  • The Stream view shows activity in the course.
  • The To-do List shows upcoming deadlines.
View progress details for each course

Being able to track progress in so many areas really helps students take control of their own learning.

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  • You can quickly review overall course scores using the Course Cards on the Home page.
  • Because teachers and students have access to this same data, you can use this information as a starting point for conversations with them about grades.
  • Students can upload badges awarded after 12/3/15 to external badge managers; direct them to How do I download my badges?

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Dennis Killmer

Hi there,

How accurate are the start and working times reflected in activity view? We see a good number of overlapping times that raise the question of accuracy. In the highlighted example below, one might expect a duration of 2m for "01.00 Unknown for All" instead of 10m 5s because "01.00A Unit Preview Quiz" was started 2m later.

Thank you,



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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

The start time is very accurate. However, the duration does have some variance in some cases. For example, if a user leaves an activity but returns to it within 60 seconds, the second visit will be aggregated with the first visit. This was built to handle cases where a user lost internet connection for less than a minute. 

In your example, one of two things could have possibly occurred.

  1. The user opened the course on two separate tabs/windows and visited the activities simultaneously. 
  2. The user toggled between the activitirities in less than 60 second intervals.

I hope this helps!

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Dennis Killmer

Thanks, Brad. This is helpful!


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Gideon Seaman

Hi Brad! A question to follow up on this thread... If a student keeps the activity open in a tab, and then opens a new tab to play games, does the duration continue to add to the time, or does it stop when he is not "actively" on the page?

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Brent Phillippe

Gideon is referencing a problem I have where a kid's activity time is only 28 seconds and he claims he is working but logistics are not showing that he is actually working.  I think he is surfing the web or playing games on the side and not focused on the assignment.

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

It continues to capture it as long as the computer is open and they have not been logged out. For example, a student could have two windows open and studying/taking notes in the other window instead of playing video games. ;)

There is the Idle Timeout feature that will allow an admin to log people out (i.e., don't record activity) if they haven't been active on the page.

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Benita Cochran

I am a counselor/observer who needs to print out final grade reports. This used to be a simple process, however, with the new update I can't figure out how to do this. Help please!

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hello Benita, welcome to the Agilix Help Center!

You should still have the option to print the student's grades. If you look above at the instructions for "Print this summary.", you will see a screenshot that highlights to button to print [1] them. When you drill into a course's Grades, you will see the same print button.

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