How do I use the Home page?

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There’s no page like Home.

Home page screens

The Home page includes two screens:

  • Courses
  • To-do List

Courses screen

On the Courses screen, you can:

  1. Manage Course Card placement.
  2. Access Help.
  3. Open the User Menu
  4. Review Announcements.
  5. Review content from your school/district/organization.
  1. Use Course Cards to:
    • Review scores and course progress (indicates how many of the gradable activities you have completed).
    • Access the course Activities and Grades tools.
    • Track how much time is left in the course; they will show an alarm clock icon when they are about to expire.

To-do List screen

The To-do List includes upcoming and past-due activities. By default, the To-do List displays activities with due dates coming up within seven days.

Click activities to open them.


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