How do I sign in to Buzz?

Ryan Richins
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Signing in to Buzz is simple!

  1. Open your Buzz domain (e.g.,
  2. Enter your Username and Password.

  3. Click Sign in.

  1. *If prompted, select the desired role (Student, Teacher, Parent, or Admin).

*As of the summer of 2017, some users are using the new Buzz UI which presents this choice like this:

Your Buzz experience is customized for your role, providing security and ensuring you have access to the right tools and content.


  • If you don't see your district or organization name in the URL, you may need to contact your administrator.
  • You have access to sensitive student information, so keep your sign-in details secure.
  • Contact your administrator if you forget your sign-in details, but record them in a secure place to avoid the hassle.

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Chad Kafka (FPS)

In the 'New UI,' if a user checks the 'remember my choice' for what to sign in as and wants to change that later, how does the user do that?  (Example: I have Admin, Teacher and Student users under my login.  I chose Admin and clicked 'remember my choice' but as I am working more, I find I work at the 'teacher' level more and want to now change it.)

Scott Taylor
  • Agilix team member

Hello Chad,

In your User Settings there is the option to select the login preferences in the "Other" section of your settings. There is a drop down with the label "When logging in, _____" which will allow the selection of the preferred role or to be asked each time.

Chad Kafka (FPS)

Perfect! I totally glossed over that when viewing my SETTINGS area.  Here's a screenshot in case anyone in the future comes here looking for an answer:

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