How do I run Student Reports?

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Generate Student Reports to get a high-level perspective on individual student performance.

To run Student Reports, open Reports from the Main Menu, select the Student tab, and follow the numbered steps:

  1. Choose a report: Click one of the following radio buttons to specify report type:
    • Student performance by domain return performance data for all students in a chosen domain.
    • Student performance by course returns performance data for all students in a specific course.
    • Student performance by teacher returns performance data for students enrolled in any course taught by a specific teacher.
    • Single student performance returns performance data across all courses for a specific student.
  1. Choose a domain/course/teacher/student: Depending on the type of report you chose in step one, specify the desired domain, course, teacher, or student for which you want results returned.
  1. Filter by dates (optional): Specify the desired As of date(s) for the report; the report you run includes all data up to and including the date you choose. You can click Add Date to include data from other dates for comparison.
    • Note: This filter is not available for domain reports.
  1. Filter the data: Customize your filter settings in one of the following ways:
    • Indicate whether you want to Include past enrollments in the report.
      • Note: Not available for domain reports.
    • Select Choose Filters (which allows you to choose from the most commonly used data), or select Get All Data (which includes all data).
      • Note: Domain reports allow only Grade and Completion data returns.
  1. Download the report: Click Export to CSV to create the specified report as a spreadsheet-friendly file.

Use this report to identify students who may need additional attention in certain areas.

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  • You can open the exported document with any program that supports spreadsheets.

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