How do I set up ClassLink SAML SSO for my domain?

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SAML authentication can be used to establish a secure single sign-on (SSO) connection between Buzz and ClassLink. 

This process requires gathering and providing information from and to both systems, so it's easiest to do with each system open.

2. In Buzz: Provide ClassLink metadata and copy Buzz metadata URL

In your Buzz admin app:

  1. Open the vertical menu in the toolbar of Domain Details and select Domain Settings.
  1. On the Authentication card, select SAML as your authentication Type. Do not choose the "old version" of SAML.
  2. Click Add identity provider (IdP).
  1. Provide the Login prompt. This is what appears on the login button. If you have only  one IdP, this defaults to Login, if you have more, you can label them appropriately.
  2. Upload the idp-meta XML file that you created from the ClassLink URL.
  3. The Metadata resource path and Provider ID are automatically populated.
  4. Click Done.
  1. Provide a Logout redirect URL if you want users to be taken to somewhere other than the Buzz login screen when they sign out.
  2. Indicate if you want to Prevent users from using Buzz credentials.
    • If you don't select this, you have the option to Allow users to create their own accounts rather than requiring  they be created for them. You will also be able to set up your password policy.
  3. Right click the Download metadata button and choose Copy link address. This is the Buzz metadata URL you need to provide to ClassLink.
  4. Save.

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