How do I set up ClassLink SIS sync in my Buzz domain?

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Buzz supports roster syncing with ClassLink through the 1EdTech (formerly IMS) OneRoster specification. The sync makes rostering easy and secure. Review all of Buzz's 1EdTech certifications.

OneRoster is a 1EdTech specification for exchanging data between systems. Buzz supports OneRoster 1.1.

Only Buzz users with the Administrator role in the domain can set up and review SIS sync information.

Setting up an SIS sync requires working in both Buzz and ClassLink at the same time, so it's best to have both systems open while doing it.

This article covers how to configure your ClassLink rostering sync:

  1. In Classlink: Add Agilix Buzz to your ClassLink Roster Service and specify Permissions
  2. In Buzz: Set up your Buzz SIS sync settings
  3. In Buzz and ClassLink: Configure SFTP or REST API rostering

This article references many of the steps outlined in ClassLink's article: Adding Applications & Modifying Permissions

2. In Buzz: Set up your Buzz SIS sync settings

Now, you need to set up your SIS sync settings in Buzz.

To do this, follow the Set up your SIS sync settings instructions in this article: How do I sync with Student Information Systems (SIS) in Buzz?

Note: When setting up a ClassLink  sync, leave the boxes in the SIS settings [beta] card unchecked. They will be configured by your Agilix representative if needed. (This means you can skip Steps 3 & 4 in the Set up your SIS sync settings instructions.)


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