Agilix Learning Suite Release Notes

Agilix Learning Suite Release Notes (2023-08-10) - New Bulk edit in Buzz | Improved coaching and SEO in Dawn

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Buzz Release Notes

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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in version v3.0.354 available on August 10, 2023.

Change multiple activities' gradable status with Bulk edit

You can now toggle the Gradable activity setting in the Editor > Bulk edit.

Learn more: How do I make changes to multiple activities at once (Bulk Edit)?

Improved Gradebook headers

We updated the folder column headers in the Gradebook grid to stick as you scroll horizontally, so that you can always see the folder activities are contained in.

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Buzz fixes

In this release, we also:

  • Fixed an issue when entering activity letter grades in the Gradebook where the dropdown indicator was positioned too high in the input field.
  • Fixed a style issue where the Feedback icon was getting clipped in the Assessment activity editor > Preview all questions screen.
  • Resolved a scroll issue with long IEP accommodations text and large images.

Buzz APIs

Updates in version 2023.8.9.1521

Additions, Removal, or Changes:

  • EnrollmentMetrics and Grades schema: A new attribute, failedbypassingscorerequired, to indicate if the failing score is due to an activity’s passingscorerequired grade flag.


  • Data Stream: Fixed an issue where merged course data may not be included in an event.

New and updated articles for Buzz

Note: The Buzz UI updates from 7/13 impact many of the screenshots in our documentation, and we haven't included all of those updated articles here. If you need a full list of the articles impacted by this change for your own documentation purposes, please contact Ryan at

TutorKit Release Notes

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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the TutorKit platform in version v2023.0810.195452 available on August 10, 2023.

TutorKit updates

In this release, we fixed an issue where an error message was showing when trying to attach a tag with non-alphanumeric characters on a session.

Note: Any tags created with non-alphanumeric characters before this release will have to be recreated in the Configure > Tags page after updating to this release.

Dawn Release Notes

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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Dawn platform in version v2023.0810.180506 available on August 10, 2023.

Improved reviewing experience for coaches

Content submitted to a coach for review now display inline for the coach, allowing them to view the original submission as context while submitting their review.

Add HTML meta tags to your Dawn site for improved SEO

Site admins can now add and edit HTML meta tags to provide additional information to search engines and other clients. You can use this to claim ownership of the sites for tools like Google search.

Learn more: How do I add HTML meta tags to my Dawn site?

Dawn updates

In this release, we also:

  • Added three new options for authors when creating projects:
    • Prompt learner to enter actual time spent: Setting this shows the existing prompt for the learner to enter their time spent on the project.
    • Submission type: These values are Attachments and comments or Attachments only.
    • Skip thumbnail choice for video attachment uploads: Setting causes the thumbnail choice dialog to not show when the learner attaches a video to a project submission. This is useful for smaller, quick (sometimes mobile) video submissions.
    • Learn more: Add Projects
  • Gave coaches an extra week to review submissions that a learner may have submitted close to the expiration deadline.
  • Improved SEO performance for site admins.

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