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Add a way to remove all "Student Must Complete This Activity Before Continuing" setting

Feature idea (LEVEL 2)
Meri Tunison
Hello, It would be fantastic for teachers to be able to bulk remove all instances of the "Student must complete this activity before continuing to the next one" setting. Currently we have a vendor course that has come to us with all lessons, assignments, and assessments individually having that setting enabled. So, we cannot simply remove this course-wide via the Course Settings option, nor through the Editor > Activity List > Bulk Edit. It would be wonderful if we had such a capability!

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Meri Tunison

Hello, I am bumping this for visibility and to suggest another approach option as well -- Could Buzz add a setting on the learner level to "ignore completion order requirements", similar to the "ignore timed assessments" feature? This would be SO helpful for learners with specific learning accommodations/needs that include removing this sort of barrier.

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