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Discussion Layout Suggestions

Feature idea (LEVEL 2)
Jason Albertson

These are some ideas from teachers I work with about how the Buzz discussion layout might be streamlined/made to match the modern, social feed-esque feel of the new activity viewer (which we love, btw!)

1. It would be really helpful to have discussion post counters added—this would alert students when a discussion has new posts to view, and hopefully drive more engagement.

2. The interface layout for discussions would be more intuitive if the New Thread button and display controls were moved to below the prompt. The reply button would fit more naturally, too, under the post you want to reply to. Last, it might be worth considering streamlining the pfp/name/timestamp info a smidge.

3. Discussions would be a lot easier on the eyes if they weren't all the screen, all the time. Some margin blocks on either side would help draw the eye in, similarly to how the new activity viewer for courses looks.


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