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Does Buzz have a Disable Copy/Paste screen option?

Tabatha Kilgore

Cheating is a huge issue and over the years our efforts to keep our copyrighted content off cheating sites has been a losing battle. I have not been able to find a way to disable the ability to copy/paste or screen capture our curriculum. I know there are multiple ways this can be done, through CSS or Javascript in the code. This really needs tobe applied and an option, or a setting that I can apply at the domain level in the Domain Settings under Application Settings if possible. Please help!

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Tabatha Kilgore

Disable Rightclick

document.addEventListenerfcontextmenu", (evt) => {
PREVENT MENU OPEN evt.preventDefault();
}, false);

Disable Clipboard Copy

document.addEventÜstenerf'copy", (evt) => {
CHANGE CLIPBORD CONTENT evt.clipboardData.setData ("text/plain", "No Copying!");
PREVENT CLIPBOARD COPY evt.preventDefault();
}, false);

CSS Disable Copy (not sure if this causes issues with Speechstream?)

NO TEXT HIGHLIGHTING * {user-select: none;}
*::selection {background: none;} *::-moz-selection {background: none;}

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Allison Shepherd
  • Agilix team member

Good morning Tabatha,

We do not currently have a native feature within Buzz that restricts the copy and pasting of content. If possible, it would require adding code to the activity editor to tell the browser to restrict certain operations and functions.

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Tabatha Kilgore

Allison Shepherd Is this code I can build into activity templates and load into the activities?  For example, would this code be supported if in an Assessment Template being used in the Assessment Activities?  Do you know if this would cause issues with Speech Stream if we added this type of code to our external urls that we direct Buzz to in our other Learning Objects?  Thanks!

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