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Dark Color Scheme Issue

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Katie Larson
In the dark color scheme in Buzz, assessments are difficult to grade, as the default font color is nearly impossible to see. In dark mode, the color scheme for the points value box under the question is bright yellow, and the point values, themselves, turn white (instead of being black point values on the yellow point value box). It's really challenging to grade those questions manually when I can't see the point value of the questions easily, and I cannot see what I've typed/updated the grades to. I really prefer dark mode, but with this issue, it's nearly impossible to use and I am forced to continue using light mode. Could the font color in this section of code be hard-coded so it doesn't switch depending on dark or light mode? Black on yellow makes sense; white on yellow does not.

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Allison Shepherd
  • Agilix team member

Good morning Katie,

Good news--we made a change to improve the styling of the grading cells. That change will be present in our next release!

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