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Option to Reset/Remove Due Dates when creating new courses

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Marc Collins
Aloha - The ability to create derivative sibling course copies in Buzz is tremendously appreciated at our school. It allows teachers to continue to build out their courses year after year, without the ongoing inconvenience of juggling between a master course and a live course. However, a downside is that the due dates copy over as well. There is no efficient way to remove all due dates at once for several courses. I would like to see a column on the course import sheet with the header ResetDueDates allowing admin to create many derivative sibling courses at once that are ready to go for a new semester without the due dates lingering from the parent course. Another possibility would maybe be to have 2 types of sibling (child too?) courses for the Copy Action column of the import csv... one that resets due dates, and the other that does not. Currently, the easiest way to remove all due dates (without API) is to do one activity type at a time via the bulk editor... which, when setting up dozens of courses in bulk, will take significantly longer than the course creation itself. I am lucky to have or buzz guru at our curriculum provider know how to remove all due dates in a course efficiently via API.... It seems like many other users would get full benefit of the derivative copies of courses if due dates could be removed when created. Marc


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