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Showing non-gradable items by individual

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Sue Steiner
I can go into the gear settings in the Buzz gradebook and have it show non-gradable items. If I click on minutes I can then see how much time a student spent on a lesson or an assignment. But many times I want to provide that data as evidence to a student, parent, mentor coach, etc. to prove that the student is submitting assignments but not going through the lessons. Here is a Google Doc that shows I can copy and paste part of the data IF the class has a large number of students. I found out that my method doesn't always work. I have 8 different sections of Geometry. If the section is small and the gradebook is less than one screen, then I can't scroll at all to get the student name to the top by the titles. If the section has about 20 students I can scroll to get about the first 10 student names on the screen. I can reverse the order of the names by clicking on the up or down arrow in the upper left cell where it says Name. In my section of 50 students, it seems to work the best because I have lots of scrolling capability and can reverse the order (A-Z or Z-A) Of course, all of this is dependent on how much you enlarge your text and how large a monitor/screen you may have. We need a way to be able to more efficiently grab this data for one individual student for their ENTIRE gradebook so that we can provide that evidence to students, parents, mentor coaches, etc. to show that the student is not going through the lessons or is not spending much time on an assignment. I have needed this capability many times this school year.


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