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Confusing functionality for Clipboard selected # of students in two places

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Meri Tunison

Hello, I don't think this is necessarily a bug, but it is confusing workflow/functionality and I'd like to recommend it could be improved upon. Essentially, when you de-select "active" students on the left side of the Clipboard, the number on the Clipboard icon in the top menu bar in Buzz does not update in real time to reflect it. I think that maybe there are two different layers of the Clipboard functionality, but visually it's a little confusing, and adds extra steps to clear your Clipboard. When you first "load" students onto the Clipboard, that number accurately reflects it. But then if you deselect students on the Clipboard menu, the number does not go back down. It only goes back down when you use the Remove Selected box. Maybe there is not currently a better way to do this, but I thought I would mention it for future consideration.

Here is a screenshot example using test students:


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