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Auto Excuse option - Feature Request from a teacher

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Tyler Abasolo
When a new student is enrolled, they are automatically assigned every single assignment from the beginning of the year. I'm obviously not having them go back and do those lessons and quizzes, but for some, I had put a requirement that a lesson had to be complete before moving forward. Accelerate then applies that even to newly enrolled students which means that I have to go in and edit all of the those assignments for the new student to bypass and work from where we currently are in the curriculum which is extremely frustrating. Is there any way for new students to enroll at where we are and automatically have previously completed lessons marked as excused?

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Bruce Sharp

A bulk edit tool that you could apply per student instead of per assignment would be great. Typically, a student from another school brings in a grade in progress. It would be quite a time saver if I could bulk fill a student's scores with a percentage or X as the case may be.

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