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Bruce Sharp

I am creating fill-in questions that have a workspace. If the students fill in the correct answer it is graded by the server. If they enter an incorrect answer the server puts it in my to-do list. This way I can check their workspace and potentially award partial credit.

Grading a workspace problem looks similar to an essay question with one important difference. Essay questions show a sample answer below the student answer. Workspace questions do not. This makes workspace questions much more difficult to grade (especially as we use variables so there are many different question/answer combinations).

Can you please add an example answer to workspace questions like you have for essay type questions?

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Keith Iddings

Please add this function. It would be very helpful to teachers.

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Brian Trapp

Right on Bruce. There are so many little things that you guys could do to make Buzz more functional on a daily basis. Adding the X for exempt was a great start but you can do better. Buzz shouldn't make things more difficult to grade, it should make our lives a little easier. 

While your in there fixing this for Bruce and the thousands of teachers this will help, here are a couple other things that you can do while you're in there:

Allow us to preview homework questions just like we can tests. I cannot for the life of me figure why we cant do this, but noooo I have to log in as a student and then preview. Further more once I've previewed it if I change anything the changes do not flow into my teaching copy because the homework has now been locked into that version because it was opened by a student! So now I have to make a copy of the assignment, delete the other one, make my changes, then log back in as a student so I can preview it all over again, but I can take an entire test from a preview in my teaching copy! Maddening! 

Make all Previews a Student View. What is the point of a preview if I'm not seeing what the kids are seeing? Yet, nope. I have to open yet another window, log in as a student (again), and THEN I can see it; but if I need to change it I have to go back and forth, seems silly. 


Show example answers in workspace questions, just like you do for essay questions

Make all previews the same as students would see them

Allow us to preview ANYTHING and EVERYTHING without locking that version in



Professor Trapp

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Keith Iddings

Great points Professor Trapp! I hope the recommendations will be implemented soon.

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