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feature request - Ability to Clear all due dates during the course copy process

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Marc Collins
Can the option to "Clear all due dates" be provided in the course copying process? Our teachers like starting with a copy of the previous version of their course at the start of each semester/year. The option to "Adjust due, visibility and grade release dates based on course start date" is there, but that would not be accurate due to several reasons (dates being in alignment with face to face vs virtual, etc) I know you can remove due dates for all of a particular activity type in the editor using "bulk edit", but there are several activity types that could have due dates making this an 'extended' process when dealing with many courses. In addition, including this option as a column on the "import courses" csv would be great! Imagine... being able to create 100 courses that are ready to go with no due dates lingering from last year, all with a single import. Note - We have also tried letting teachers build/edit a master throughout the year while developing their courses, while only setting due dates in an active course in which students are enrolled, but juggling the 2 proved to be confusing. Thank you! Marc


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