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Bulk Edit Improvements

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Kevin McBride
FILTER INCLUDE ACTIVITIES WITHIN FOLDERS When using the "filter by location" function of the bulk edit tool, we are only able to filter by one folder level at a time. Our courses use folders for each unit, then a folder for each lesson within. The way the filter functions now, if I filter by Unit 1, it will only show me the lesson folders in the unit folder, but not any of the activities contained in those folders. This is a change in how the filter by location used to work and far more difficult to use. CHOOSE MULTIPLE ACTIVITY TYPES Currently in the bulk editor, you can only select one activity type to edit at a time. For example, if I need to change the grading period for all gradable activities, I need to do this multiple times for each gradable activity type (assessment, assignment, blog, discussion, journal, practice questions). "Any type" can't be used for this process because it include non-gradable activities. If this menu allowed for me to select multiple activity types at once, it would make this task 6x faster. MORE OPTIONS It would be awesome if the bulk editor included even more options for activities such as: allow save and continue, require answers, review options, and student dopbox options.


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