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Adjusting auto-grading

Kelsey McCue
When I create an assessment that has auto-graded portions, sometimes I will realize that I made a mistake in the way I formatted the answer section. For instance, perhaps it was a three-blank question and I forgot to check partial credit - students who make just one mistake lose all the points. When I go in and edit the assignment, it does not affect the auto-grade for already completed assignments. Is there any way that a change in the assignment or answer key could be applied to those submissions? I might not notice the problem until all of the assignments are submitted, and then once I do I have to manually grade 60+ questions instead of relying on the auto-grade, all because of one small mistake. Is there a better way?

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Bruce Sharp

Unfortunately, no. Once the server has graded something the only options to change it is for you to manually do it or for the students to retake the whole thing.

This has come up in the discussion board many times. Having the ability to adjust a question then have the server just regrade that question and adjust scores would be a very useful feature.

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Brian Trapp

The only "good" work around, if you can call it that, is if you have a trusted student aid, TA, or outstanding student; have them take the test first to attempt to "proof" it before giving it to everyone. 


Whenever I create a new assignment I will have one student attempt it which helps me find any errors. Then I can correct it, duplicate the activity, and delete the original. This will give a fresh updated version in your teaching copy. Then you can give it to everyone and just put in the single grade for the "test student" if necessary. 

It's a little bit messy, but it sure beats going through everything for each student. 

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